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Friday Mar 4, 2016

Got off the Rollercoaster with my profits!

HGD:TSE Ho. Beta. S&P/TSX Gl. Gld. Br. Pl. (ETF) sold $5.12
Previous Close CA$5.22 Open 5.02 Close 5.22
Day's Low 4.55 Day's High 5.25 Volume 5,071,000
52-week Low 19.91 52-week High 19.91 Average Daily Volume 2.71M
Beta 0.39 Day's Change 0.38 Market Cap. 43.77M
Earnings per shareEPS Forward PE ratio PE ratio
  • Of course, as I write this I'm looking at the current bid/ask and I can see that I didn't quite sell at the best time, but I'm out and I'm grateful to have fresh profits for the day. Per my earlier posts today, it was quite a ride. From the lowest of the day to right now, it was almost a 12% swing in the total value of my portfolio! These leveraged ETFs are definitely exciting... though maybe too exciting!?

    Something that I noticed, again, was the disconnect between the bullion and the ETF. I was watching the spot price of Gold for my target price at which to act, but when I revisited the ETF price in TD's WebBroker software, it was still rising while the Gold Spot was stagnant at the time... it's puzzling and definitely frustrating at moments like that.

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