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Friday Oct 6, 2017

Sold another 3 shorts as Crude dives another 2.7% at open

HOD:TSE N/A sold $10.78
Previous Close N/A Open N/A Close 10.7800
Day's Low 0 Day's High 0 Volume N/A
52-week Low N/A 52-week High N/A Average Daily Volume N/A
Beta Day's Change N/A Market Cap. N/A
Earnings per shareEPS Forward PE ratio PE ratio
  • Sold 2 shorts for a profit and a 3rd short position for break-even ...anticipating a bounce at which time we could buy short again. With that approach, I have more room to buy short again on even a small bounce ...if we don't go high enough to exit the long that I also just bought for a good profit.

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